Ding Repairs Camden NY

Need paintless dent removal in Oneida County? We repair door dings, bumper dents and hail damage. Call us today at 315-225-2136!

What We Can Fix

For almost a decade, LRM Paintless Dent Repair has been providing mobile paintless dent repairs to Camden, NY and surrounding communities. Our PDR technique is extremely effective for the following situations:

  • From very small to large dents
  • Door dings and minor creases
  • Auto hail damage
  • The paint has not been broken or cracked
  • All makes and models of vehicles

As the preferred method for repairing dents, PDR allows for your vehicle to maintain its value because the original paint finish will remain untouched. Admittedly, not all damage to the body of a vehicle can be repaired with this process. If a dent can’t be completely removed, the repair will make the damage almost unnoticeable.

Paintless Dent Repair Advantages

  • No repainting or body filler needed
  • Less expensive than traditional body repair
  • Same-day service in most cases
  • No risk of paint overspray on other vehicle areas
  • No risk of incorrect color matching
  • Vehicle retains original paint
  • No “CarFax”
  • Environmentally friendly – No chemicals used
  • Can fix aluminum bodies
  • Save money and save time

How Is It Done?

Our highly-trained PDR technicians at LRM Paintless Dent Repair use specialized tools to push or pull the metal back into its original shape. Depending on the location of the damage, trim pieces, window openings or inner panels may need to be removed.

1. Assess the damage
2. Gain access to the dent
3. Get a better look at the dent
4. Apply gentle pressure to work out the dent

Save time and money as compared to a collision shop when you call LRM Paintless Dent Repair. Most repairs can be done in one day, or even one hour! Our mobile service makes the entire process as simple as possible for you. Let us take the hassle and stress out of dent repairs. We will come to you and work with your insurance company!

The location and complexity of the repair will determine pricing. Generally pricing is a third of the cost of conventional body shop repairs.

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